Journal of Clinical Pulmonology

Developments in Early Stages of Lung Cancer 

Author(s): Jack Kastelik

Lung cancer remains a major health issue.Survival for the early stages of lung cancer is significantly better than for those with the advanced disease. In order to diagnose lung cancer earlier, an improvement would be required in patients’ awareness of the disease.Another approach to increase diagnosis of the early stages of lung cancer would be through a selected lung cancer screening. The investigational protocols should allow for the rapid staging and histological diagnosis of lung cancer. This requires imaging in the form of computed tomography and positron emission tomography which provide important staging information. In addition, new bronchoscopic techniques such as endobronchial ultrasound for mediastinal staging and navigational bronchoscopy for sampling lung lesions have become more widely used. The treatment options for the early stages of lung cancer are evolving with new radiotherapy and surgical approaches.Therefore, the aim should be for higher rates of early lung cancer diagnosis, which would result in improved treatment and survival outcomes.