Manuscript Title
The manuscript title should not exceed 25 words, and it must explain the contents present in the article.

Details of the Author(s)
Full names and affiliations of all the authors of the manuscript should be given in the manuscript or in the cover letter. It’s mandatory to mention corresponding author details (current address with Contact Number, Fax and E-mail address) in the manuscript.

The abstract should be informative and completely self-explanatory briefly explain the topic, state the scope of the Research, indicate appropriate data, and list out major findings and conclusions. The abstract should summarize the content in 300 words or less. Standard nomenclature should be used and abbreviations should be avoided. Avoid incorporating references in the abstract. The most preferred format is background, methods, results, and conclusion.

The abstract is followed by a list of keywords (3-10) and abbreviations should be included, below the keywords.

The introduction has to give a brief note on the manuscript by explaining a clear point of the study, the appropriate literature on the subject and possible solutions. The introduction paragraph should explain a wide range of disciplines in scientific fields so that it should attract the scholars and other readers.

Materials and Methods
Detailed descriptions of participants or materials used, types of analysis and interventions, comparisons should be mentioned. However, a detail explanation should be given only for new procedures; previously published procedures should be referred and important changes of published procedures should be mentioned briefly.
Methods segment should be subdivided by short striking headings referring to the methods utilized, reagents and animal models, subsections for statistics are also considered. There ought not to be duplication among the Methods segment and the Supplementary Information.

Results and Discussion
To support the conclusion of the study the results part should provide every detail of the experiment that is required. Results and discussion may be combined or in a separate section. Speculation and detailed interpretation of data should be put into the discussion section.

It includes acknowledgment of people who supported the study externally by means of technically and morally, grant details, funds, etc.

Note: If an author fails to submit his/her work as per the above instructions, they are pleased to maintain clear titles namely headings, subheadings.

Units and Measurements

Ø  SI standards for units and values should be followed.

Ø  Be cautious while presenting the multiplication and/or divisions of units.

Ø  For Example: ms-1 is reciprocal of milliseconds where m.s-1 is meters per second.

Ø is correct where is not correct.

Ø  Zero should be used while representing decimals like 0.25 but not .25 and comma should not be used in the place of period.

Ø  20 cm × 40 cm is correct but not 20 × 40 cm.

Ø  1 MHz to 10 MHz or (1 to 10) MHz is correct but not 1 MHz-10 MHz or 1 to 10 MHz. 

Ø  25 °C to 30 °C or (25 to 30) °C is correct but not 25 °C-30 °C or 25 to 30 °C.

Ø  100 g ± 5 g or (100 ± 5) g is correct but not 100 ± 5 g.

Ø  50 % ± 5 % or (50 ± 5) % is correct but not 50 ± 5 %.

Ø  Space before °C and % is not mandatory but follow the consistency throughout the manuscript.

Ø  Unit symbols and unit names should not be mixed and mathematical operations should not be applied to unit names.

Ø  Single space should be given before any Unit symbol in combination with preceding numerical.

Ø  Thin space should be given before and after mathematical symbols (keyboard and non-keyboard).

Ø  Equations and Formulas should be in the Math Type format only in the final PDF.  Authors are being requested to submit their formula/equation preferably in Math Type.

Ø  Inline and simple equations should be provided in text format only.

Figures and Tables

Ø  All legends should end with a full stop.

Ø  All Figures and Tables should be cited in the body text in chronical order and they should follow Title case only.

Ø  In case of using any abbreviations in the legends, they must be mentioned in the abbreviations section.

Ø  Figure and Table footnotes must not end with a full stop

Ø  Space should not be given after representative characters such as alphabets, numbers, and asterisks, etc. in Figure and Table footnotes. Representation of such characters should be in superscript only.

Ø  If two figures or tables are cited simultaneously in the body text, then they must be cited as “Figures 1 and 2”, “Table 1 and 2”, “Figure 1 and Table 1”, etc.

Ø  If more than two figures or tables are cited simultaneously in the body text, then they must be cited as “Figure 1–5”, “Table 1–5”, etc.


Ø The language of references should be in English only.

Ø  References should be cited in Square brackets “[ ]” in the manuscript.

Ø  Title in references should be in sentence case only.

Ø  Only scientific names should be italicized.

Ø  Any additional references without citation in the body text are not allowed.

Ø  Range of references should be separated by dash (–) and space should not be there before and after the dash (2–11).

Ø  Any sentence/paragraph should not start with the reference without an author name. For example:

-Single author: “Author name [7] summarized the different harvesting”. 

-Two authors: “Author name and Author name [10] reported that genetically engineered green algae”. 

-More than two authors: “Author name et al. [67] made use of simple large unit micro strainers”.

References Format:

Ø  Reference for articles published in Journals
Author Names (Year) Article Title. Journal Name Volume Number: Page Number.

Ø  Reference for published Books
Author Names (Year) Book Title. Publisher

Ø  Book chapters
Author Names (Year) Book Title. Chapter Title, pp: Page Number.

Ø  Reference for Conference proceedings
Author Names (Year) Conference Discussion or presentation Topic. Conference Title, Place and Country.

Ø  Reference for Thesis and Dissertations
Author Names (Year) Title of the Research or Project. Institution Name.

Ø  Reference for Newspaper articles
Author Names (Year) Subject Title. News Paper Name, Accessed on: Date of Issue. Eg: Date Month Year (00 July 0000).

Ø  Reference for Web pages
Name of the Site or Publisher (Year) Title of the Page, [Url of the site]. Accessed on: Date Month Year.